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LikKer collection platform

In Finland grocery stores online orders collection is ineffective. Inefficiency increases costs and lengthens delivery times. We want to change this. Our vision is to offer our customers an efficient and affordable way to collect grocery e-commerce products. With our help consumer customers receive their orders faster and for grocery stores, collection is more affordable.


Likoon Oy
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And we are ready for it


The main points of the guided collection system

Web-based guided collection system

UWB location technology

Lidar modeling

AR virtual glasses

Smart carts

Kehittämämme Likker-palvelu jopa kolminkertaistaa keräilynopeuden, joka näkyy suoraan kaupan palkkakustannuksissa ja lisäksi mahdollistaa nopeammat toimitukset asiakkaille.
Keräilyjärjestelmä mahdollistaa useiden tilauksien yhtäaikaisen keräilyn



Our fully developed LikKer collection platform can triple the collection rate, which is directly reflected in the store’s payroll costs and enables faster deliveries to the customers. As the number of collectors can be reduced,

collection process becomes less disruptive for customers browsing the the shop floor. 


Easy-to-use platform reduces the need for training and orientation. Errors are eliminated thanks to the double-checking performed by the smart carts.


LikKer - service is based on a monthly subscription and easily scales to stores of all sizes. The monthly subscription includes a 24/7 help desk, service support, the LikKer app, and an agreed number of smart glasses and smart carts. 


How the LikKer app works?

The order is being processed

The order received online is converted into a collection list and delivered to the collector of the products.

Product location

The collector is directed to the right product using UWB positioning. The smart glasses tell picker the exact location of the product.

Product identification information

The positioning directs the collector to the right product, whereupon the smart glasses tell the product's location and read the barcode. 

Product placement in the shopping cart

When the product is placed in the shopping cart, the barcode readers of the smart cart read the product and update the collection list.

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    Likoon Ltd is a technology company founded in 2020 that specializes in improving grocery collection in store. We were involded in collecting customers grocery e-commerce orders after the COVID-19 pandemic started in the spring of 2020. Very quickly we noticed that collection is inefficient and expensive. We started the development work that resulted in the LikKer collection platform, which enables more cost-effective and faster collection.  

    ruoan verkkokaupan keräilyyn erikoistunut teknologia yritys.
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